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Inducing the love of mathematics in students

Mathlers is on a mission to remove the fears and difficulties associated with mathematics, improve the mathematical ability of students, and make mathematics easier, more interesting, enjoyable, and real-life oriented, by teaching it through sports.

The name Mathlers is derived from two words: Mathematics and Wrestlers.


Our philosophy is to present mathematical concepts through real-life sporting scenarios, so as to spark the students’ interest.


To encourage students towards Mathematics, Mathlers is developing a series of books by the name of Punch Box.


Mathlers Showdown is a grand mathematical contest, held annually, in which students from Grades 7 – 8 participate.

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Developing support materials, such as worksheets, presentations, animations and videos

Unique Creation – Punch Box

Punch Box is a series of books developed by Mathlers. The first book in the series, covering the mathematical concepts for grades 7 and 8, was published in 2015.

A unique book of its sort, it comprises 1000 punches, or questions, spread over four sections: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra and Mind Games (IQ). All punches in the first three sections are based on sports scenarios.The punches in the final section, Mind Games, are based on IQ questions which hone the reasoning and analytical skills of students.

With highly attractive images and illustrations, the book comes off as a sports magazine which immediately draws the attention of students (and adults too!) towards itself.



Mathlers Showdown is a regular mathematical contest in which students from Grades 6 – 8 participate. The atmosphere is built up through pre-contest coaching where Mathlers coaches train the young mathlers for one week. After the coaching sessions, qualification rounds are held. Students achieving top scores in these contests qualify for the final Showdown.

In Showdown 2015, 756 students from 27 schools of Karachi participated.

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    A young Mathler ready to block a Punch
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    Flipping through the Punch Box
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    Winner and Runners Up, Showdown 2015
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    A view of the Final Showdown on the Independence Day
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    A Punch in the Final Showdown

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About Our Team

  • Activities of Mathlers are supervised by a board comprising senior members of the Academia of different renowned Universities of Pakistan and abroad.

  • Our team of educational psychologists and educationists provides the research-based groundwork for content development and strategy-making.

  • Mathematics experts from renowned universities of Karachi, graduate and undergraduate researchers, and professional designers constitute our research and design team.

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